you are looking for an interaction designer, business analyst and bioinformatician?

if yes, you are at the right place! My name is Jan-Henrik and I venture in all of these areas, currently working for Capgemini Life Sciences 🧪

let's have a chat or meet in Berlin: hello@janhenrikwalter.de


work on the interfaces of design, science and technology

about me

big fan of

Robert Sapolsky
Neri Oxman
China Miéville
Noam Chomsky
Matt Mercer

track of 2024

Ripped Open by Metal Explosions - Galt MacDermot

for leisure

writing and playing a DnD campaign about pirates and sea cucumbers

"... as a measure of self-defence, the group mounted a flamethrower on one helpful orca, who asked for nothing but a favor in return..."


other work