konf_mm.bmpEight plastic heads on pedestals turn away as soon as the visitor tries to make eye contact. When the visitor turns away, the heads turn back and pierce the stranger in their midst with their gazes. Bystanding: No one intervenes or offers help, but everyone closely observes what is happening. This creates a feeling of irritation and helplessness. It is a call for each individual to examine their role as a bystander in personal situations as well as in events happening around the world.

We (collaboration with Matthias Heintz) are very proud to have won the german multimedia award (Deutscher Multimediapreis, Sonderkategorie Medienkunst) mba21 2016.

Created in intermedia design course installation laboratory. Skillset includes: C++, Processing, openFrameworks, Machine Learning, Facial Recognition, Arduino

Original edit of live installation